Why Vancouver Seed Bank is the Safest Seed Bank 2016

Why the Vanouver seed bank the safest seed bank in 2016 is very simple. We pay careful attention to the polital enviroment to provide the safest location to purchase cannabis seeds online.

The political environment in Canada is ever changing. Things in Vancouver were actually very quiet under Steven Harper. Many people didn’t like him because he was a bully. I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking to make friends with our Prime Minister. He just be a strong leader, and sometimes, well in all actuality, that’s the personality type that leads others. You hear all this talk about Justine Trudeau legalizing marijuana, but in fact things are not quiet in Vancouver since he came into power, and for instance, Marc Emery was just arrested last month in Toronto. They is a secret document that was signed by at least 4 countries, vowing to never legalize marihuana on the federal level. We have reliable sources Canada was part of this and Trudeau may of just wanted the 420 voters because we are so massive in this country.

It’s not the safest time for our customers to shop in person, so we decided to take this time of increased political risk, and take some time off, renovating the store front. We lose money in the short term, but we gain our customers trust in the long term by protecting their safety. We are currently telling our customers to shop at the Amsterdam Store where it’s currently safe to order online and because the Euro is so weak right now, it’s a cheap time to buy from them. The have an excellent Kandy Kush strain that’s a must try.

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Our customer safety and privacy is our top priority. We also want to point our customers in the safest poissible direction for another seed bank that is in alignment with our thoughts. Click the link below for some free seeds. It may be a highly discounted item, in that case add another strain to your cart for the freebies. Any feedback, please use our contact page.

vancouver seed bank freebies

The Vancouver Seed Bank has top rated reviews for the safest seed bank in 2016. Make sure you order seeds from legit seed bank like Vancouver Seeds.

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  1. James Harrison on August 10, 2017 at 8:54 am

    I’m not sure if you’re the safest seed bank in the entire would, but you’re a great seed bank that did right be me and you’re genetics are top notch too.

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