Vansterdam Green Light District

Vansterdam Green Light District is a soon to open area of Vancouver that will be a carbon foot print free zone. Solar panels, low voltage green LED lights and an awesome vibe at night. The neighborhood will get lit up such a bright green, you’ll see it from miles away. It will also draw at the potheads.

Every city should have a green light district full of 420 coffeeshops to reduce crime and every city should also have a red light district to reduce divorce. It’s funny how all the things we were raised to believe are bad for you, actually make society better and safer.

When men have access to a red light district, crimes against women fall, and marriages stay together by an increase of 10%. Women working in the oldest profession get better medical treatment which increases thier health and that of their customers. STD tests must be posted. The women now have protection from body guards against drunk and violent customers. And society violence and crimes rates fall. Not to mentions all the taxes that are paid to the goverment.


green light district


Everyone is happier. The men whos wives don’t sleep with them stay married, the women working conditions are greatly improved compared to working on the street. They are happier.


green light neighborhood


If you’re interested in become part of the green light neighborhood, please use our contact page. Don’t forget to include your business name and your neighbor locations. Residents are also welcome to join our green light neighborhood project. We can’t wait to meet all you good green folk!

Image a city filled with like minded people. All peacefully raising families and contributing to society. The western world has placed far too much importance on money. It’s time to appreciate what we have, our health and the people living around us right now. We don’t all need the latet gadgets and larger TV’s. We should spend more time toetehr as a society trying to benefit the group.

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