Pot Heads Earn More Money

Pot heads earn more money and are happier with their jobs.

Have you ever wondered why pot heads earn more money and seem so relaxed making big corporate decisions? It’s because they are individuals and highly creative folk. It’s when you’re part of the group mentality that you feel the stress and pressure to do what everyone else is doing. That’s precisely why cannabis is treated like Heroine in Asia. They want everyone to conform.

The North American culture is different. Our culture, historically, is mostly made up from Europeans who were fed up with all the rules of the Queen. They gave her the middle finger, jump on a boat and crossed over the pond to start a new life in the Wild West, free from rules. That’s why Northern American enjoy so much freedom, it’s in our DNA. America and Canada was founded on the Individual mindset of our Ancestors.

There are hot spots of increased individuality, and that’s on the West Coast, in both Canada and the United States. And there are few cities in particular were the most creative people settled. In America, it was New York’s Greenwich Village on the East Coast and Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco on the West Coast. In Canada it consists of the French in Montreal with the Majority of hippies flocking to the warmer climates of Vancouver. You have to remember that Eastern America was made up from Individuals flocking from Europe. Cities like New York, Toronto and Montreal were full of people with the genetic disposition to not follow the rules and never to conform to the Queen. A small handful of the most extreme individuals left the East Coast and headed West. This is the cream of the crop of the most creative risk takers you’ll find on Earth. They’re the reason companies like Apple and Facebook got so massive.

Earning money is easy when you do what you love, and to do what you love, you need freedom to be an individual. Pot smokers are usually highly creative, that’s why so many marijuana smokers play leading roles in today’s most innovative companies.

Pot heads are generally living healthier lifestyles. Many avoid alcohol, eat vegan and organically grown foods, and they often do Yoga daily, which is great for the body and the mind.

pot heads earn more money

Hippies love to smoke White Widow Cannabis. Others will want to get creative with Sativa strains like Bob Marley Sativa.

Cannabis jobs hourly wages can be a lot higher than minimum wage, a fun environment to work in because the people working beside you are also peaceful and caring people.

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