Medical Grade Marijuana, What is it?

Medical Grade Marijuana is any strain and any plant. It all contains stuff inside that is medically beneficial. But you must make sure it is grown organically. When you have medical issues, you don’t want want to make your body worse by ingesting chemicals from nasty fertilizers. Did you ever notice that we don’t allow fertilizer companies to advertise on our website? That’s because we only use organics. Do you know how hard it is today to find cow dung that is organic? They is almost no non GMO corn left in North America, so cow are eating corn that is Genetically modified and grown spaying tons of roundup in their feilds. Doesn’t sound healthy to me. I wouldn’t want to place that in my body.

Bat poop is more organic, they eat mosquitos mostly. Though it sounds gross, bat guano is a great organic fertilizer for growing cannabis. Just be careful when handling it, you should wear gloves all the time even though the hazards are often exagerated.

medical grade marijuana

If you can make friends with an organic mushroom farm (Commercial White Button Mushrooms) then you will have a connection for some really amazing soil that is already fertilized. Just make sure you place the compost in the stove for a couple hours to kill off all the mushroom spores. Otherwise, you may end up with mycelium mixed in with your cannabis roots, which isn’t all too bad if you want to eat button mushroom for dinner then blaze some fine herb afterwards.

One of my favorite strains for medical uses is Medijuana. It’s a potent narcotic pain relieving strain, some even say it the strongest strain on Earth. Be sure to learn more if you’re a chronic pain sufferer. We want to make sure all legal medical patients get the medical grade marijuana strain that works best for them.

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