High THC Banned? Capping THC Levels in Vancouver

High THC Banned? Capping THC Levels in Canada is what all the buzz is about this week. The¬†Canadian gov’t may possibly cap THC levels in Vancouver. Colorado has already had discussions about lowering the maximum percentage of THC and making it law. I can see two sides to this story for how it will play out.

Recent medical studies claim to show damaging effects on the brain when THC levels are above 25%. We weren’t able to obtain the full data from this so called report. Most medical marijuana patients say they need the high THC levels for pain managment or even appetite stimulation. They have a higher tolerance to THC then say the average recreational user that only consumes marijuana a few times per week.

Concentrates that could be for sale legally in Canada soon, may not be so concentrated after all. If you take the buds from a strain with 30% THC and then you concentrate it, it’s going to be much higher than 30%, and if THC is capped at 25, 20 or even 15 percent, you’re going to see the concentrate business go deep underground. Cannabis concentrates will only be available on black market. If this happens, then it’s going to be a domino effect of trouble. You’re going to see more people blow themselves up in illegal BHO laboratories, less quality control which makes the end product more dangerous to consume for the end users. And there will be no taxes collected for the city.

On the plus side, capping THC levels would create a massive amount of high quality Sativa strains that are low in THC but high in CBD and other cannabinoids which are absolutley lovely to smoke. THC levels are way over rated, and I’m not sure why our customers only care about THC. 20 years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find any cannabis with 20% THC levels, nowadays customers will reject any strain that is not 25% THC or higher. The customer is really misinformed, and it’s everyone job to help educated facts like high THC is not what good cannabis is all about. The best strain I personally ever smoked has 11% THC and its 100% sativa. It’s not racey or overpowering with mad cerebral trance like high, but a clean, clear uplifting high. Though a good laughing high THC indica is great before bed watching funny cartoons, all strains have different results, for different people. So we don’t feel capping THC levels is a good idea, but educating the public about THC and other cannabinoids is the best idea. So hopefully we see the gov’t spend some money on TV ads educating us about the effects of cannabinoids, but it’s not likely.


High THC Banned


Effort to cap THC levels at 16%

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