Fast Hitting Shatter

Fast Hitting Shatter is what all the buzz is about lately. Seems you can’t talk about cannabis without the topic being directed to the which strain makes the best shatter. Since shatter is all about concentrating the THC to make the most potent THC smokable, and it’s exact same thing they did to cocaine in the 1980’s. They made a concentrated form of cocaine they called crack, or crack cocaine. It was nothing like chewing the leaves of the coca plant, which gave you an uplifting buzz all day long because it is the raw plant in all it’s glory. Just like cannabis buds leave you high longer because of the numerous other cannabinoids present.

But where there are humans, they is demand for hard hitting and fast acting high’s. We already developed a strain of bud for this to smoke as bud, she’s called Green Crack. And if you want to make the best concentrate shatter, making it using the Green Crack strain is the top choice these days.

fast hitting shatter

Green Crack Shatter blasts you off with rockets strapped to your back. It’s not be be treeated lightly. Remember with concentrates, less is more. Be careful, and enjoy. Concentrates are not pleasant when too much is taken in, in a short period of time. Pace yourself to become familiar with shatter. Good things come to those you are patient.

Shatter is also used for extreme medical patients that need to instantly dull their pain. Green crack is one of their favorites, but so is Kandy Kush and Night Nurse for their pain killing effects.

Keep in mind that manufacturing shatter is a dangerous thing to do. Saftey must always be a priority. We do not recommend anyone to break the law, and this website is for entertainment value only. But we wanted to make you aware that people have died in explosions try to make their own BHO extracts. You’re best to wait for legalization and competent approved manufacturing to handle all those dangerous cooking labs.

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